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About Fiona

fiona erdmann about me

Fiona Erdmann is one of a kind – you could tell by watching “Germany`s Next Topmodel” in 2004. She had the moves, the talent, as well as a confident personality and became one of the most talked about candidates of the show. She could even win over the hard-to-please icon Heidi Klum, who hosted the show. It was the beginning of a life in the limelight.

Before all that Fiona had to learn at a very young age what it means to be independent and grown up. She was raised by her single mother and moved out when she was just 15 years old. She didn`t know what to expect, but still she was fearless. After finishing school she got educated as a Designtechnical Assistant. She would`nt spend her free time like other teenage girls – in addition to her apprenticeship she started jobbing and enjoying work. Back in the days you could already see how driven she is. This kind of motivation would pay off later in her life.

With ambition and strong will Fiona was conquering the fashion scene more and more. During GNTM she already made quite an impression because of her confident and honest behavior. It was clear, that this girl will not vanish after the show.
She turned her appearance into capital – Fiona worked as a successful model and strutted the catwalks in Paris, Milan and Berlin. It was all eyes on her – but not only in the fashion industry. Her strong personality would lead her into a career as a TV host and actress. She worked as a host of music-, soccer- and lifestyle-shows and played several roles in popular national TV shows.

But when the cameras are turnt off, Fionas entrepreneurial spirit and creativity come to light. She founded her own online shop. Of course she didn`t want to depend on other designs an created everything on her own – for example temporary tattoos and clothing. She established an individual shopping platform.

But that`s not enough! She also loves to sweat, lift heavy weight and work out in the mud. So it was a logical consequence that she turned her passion for fitness and sports into a career, too. Fiona became a fitness model, cooperated with a well known sportslabel and published a fitness DVD. Especially in her own workouts and fitness bootcamp one can recognize her strong will. But it was about to be severely tested …

Fiona Erdmann had to deal with two strokes of fate regarding her family – but now she has recovered and wants to turn her life around. She is moving to Dubai, where she will start over completely. In the far away country she wants to explore new adventures, get to know foreign worlds, learn more about the Arabian culture and recap her experiences with a blog. She will give locals a voice, present interviews und write about her visions and thoughts. Fiona will take her fans on a journey, that will change her life.

But whatever happens, one thing will never change – and that is her ambition. Besides her new job as a blog author she will still stick to working in the fashion-, fitness- and TV-industry.


Skills: horse riding, kick boxing, jet ski, soccer, crossfit, rowing, graphic design, singing, dancing, event planing and management skills

Languages: german – mother language , englisch – fluent, arabic – basics ( writing & reading )